Common language, universal problems

Last week I made a reference visit to the BI & DWH-practice of a large UK government agency. It was nice and informative to exchange knowledge and experience, since I’m running a project for the same kind of agency in the Netherlands. Although maybe not surprisingly, I was amazed by the ease with which we came to terms and were able to discuss our field of profession. Concepts like staging area, data mart, data cleansing and all other stuff provides us with a common language to discuss our work. Again, maybe not surprisingly. But to read it in a white paper is one thing, to experience this ‘life’ and especially abroad is another (at least obviously for me it was).

The good thing, or maybe the bad thing depending on your point of view, is that we also share the same problems. How to create a common view of the business, how do we engage the business stakeholders and encourage them to support strategic solutions instead of short-term solutions and data stewardship are just some of the challenges that are also universal. So we haven’t answered those questions yet but it’s good to know there’s a large community that can both help in creating those answers and benefit from it.


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