Happy new year!

First of all, a happy new year to you all! Been a bit quiet lately, because of work but also had a few days off during x-mas. A lot has been going on: acquisitions in the BI-marketplace, rumours about Wipro taking over Capgemini (after earlier rumours about Infosys intending the same), many developments in my current client assignment to name a few. X-mas is always a welcome break to both look back and to focus on the future. So the plans have been made! As for this blog, apart from commenting on developments in the BI-ecosystem, I hope to publish some ideas about design science research. Whereas behavioral science intends to describe and explain organizational behaviour, design science is aimed at creating artifacts. Typically in IS and also in BI, our job as professionals is mostly aimed at designing solutions. Scientific research that has been done in this field provides some challenging guidelines that is of use in creating BI-solutions for our clients. Stay tuned!


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