“Welcome to the real world”

said Morpheus to Neo when he entered The Matrix. Recognise the situation? I’m currently in the Matrix myself and just had my own piece of guerilla warfare (courtesy RvdG) in trying to get a BI-initiative in a large government organization on the right track. Once again, I experienced the huge difficulties and challenges in getting the story right, negotiating with stakeholders and convincing management on how to act and why. Not only does this case illustrates the difference that exists between the real world and the Powerpoint-world at seminars and conferences, I also felt I still wasn’t fully equipped to do my job.

Again, and I don’t want to become a whiner, I urge everybody to grab those day-to-day problems and start creating solutions for them, instead of explaining that Neuro BI is the next thing around the corner. Dismiss all the fairy tales (checkRonald’s blogpost for some hilarious examples) and start working on the basics that some of us still don’t understand. Consider for example Lidwine van As’ excellent criticism (in Dutch) on an article that completely misinterpretes the Data Vault. As long as we see this amateurism, we still have a lot to do.

So, for me it’s also time to put the money where my mouth is. Therefore, I will try to blog a little more often and address and discuss the diverse challenges we have to deal with day to day! My next post will be about identifying the business value of BI.

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One comment on ““Welcome to the real world”
  1. Wouter – I agree with you that we need to do two things:
    -keep correcting peeps that tell the story wrong and sell it like candy (trust me – it aint good for you!)
    -continue with telling our story (not just reacting to other people’s articles and stuff, but write our own articles, blog posts etc…)

    Maybe that book aint a bad idea……

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