Enterprise architecture and BI: the prequel

For long I’ve been wanting to start this post and finally got to it! You may have noticed the tag line I’ve added to my site: it emphasizes my desire to blog and write more and deeply about enterprise architecture and BI. To get to the bottom-line of my argument right away: BI and enterprise architecture are not 2 seperate worlds. When enterprise architecture is viewed in a broad sense as a holistic approach to conceptualize and (re)design an enterprise, BI is simply part of that. And to throw in another one: architecture is not the same as data modeling. Rather, they are two completely different things. So, in a sense this post is a sequel to the “BI is the same, not different” post. My mind is exploding with ideas and insights I want to share with you, so the next blogs will be used by me to deepdive into this matter (hopefully on a more frequent basis). To give you some idea, I will blog about the different type of architectures (enterprise, domain, reference, solution), architectural frameworks (IAF, TOGAF, DyA), architecture modeling language (Archimate) and denote the relevance and application for the BI-field.

By deepdiving into some of these theories and providing practical examples, the application of these concepts for BI can be made clear. This adds to understanding between BI-professionals and enterprise architects. Unfortunately, this understanding is often obscured in practice because of misunderstanding, misconception or misinterpretation of each other’s profession and area of interest, hence my motivation to try to improve this understanding a bit.

I’ll try to follow-up on short notice with a next post, which will start the deepdive. It’s my intention to discuss one topic a time, so each blogpost will address one particular issue. Stay tuned!

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One comment on “Enterprise architecture and BI: the prequel
  1. Jorgen says:

    Hé Wouter, Ik ben benieuwd naar je komende blogs. Hopelijk zie je kans het tempo er in te houden. De onderwerpen klinken goed.

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