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Gartner and Forrester on Information Architecture

Both Gartner and Forrester have recently put a spotlight on information architecture. In a prediction for most important IT-roles for 2010, Gartner selected Enterprise Information Architecture as one of them. Two weeks ago, Forrester published a topic overview on information

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Levels of abstraction in architecture

It is remarkable how often is written about a ‘BI architecture’ or ‘DWH architecture’ without a proper frame of reference to architectural concepts. For example, I recently came across a BI ToBe-landscape proposition that completely mixed up architectural layers as

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Bill Inmon’s versions of the truth

Recently Bill Inmon made a post on his B-eye channel about what the data warehouse is not. It immediately led to a storm of discussion on Twitter between several analysts, among them Colin White, Claudia Imhoff and Seth Grimes. Bottom-line

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Enterprise architecture and BI: the prequel

For long I’ve been wanting to start this post and finally got to it! You may have noticed the tag line I’ve added to my site: it emphasizes my desire to blog and write more and deeply about enterprise architecture

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Next generation front-end architecture published in DB/M

DB/M 5 features my article on next generation front-end architecture. It uses TOGAF as a frame of reference to introduce the BI Triangle, distinghuishing between a business, application and technology layer for defining the front-end architecture.

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