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Enterprise architecture and BI: the prequel

For long I’ve been wanting to start this post and finally got to it! You may have noticed the tag line I’ve added to my site: it emphasizes my desire to blog and write more and deeply about enterprise architecture

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BI is the same, not different

BI people – and I am one of them! – tend to see the world differently, sometimes very differently from the rest of the IT-world. For long, BI was a neglected area of IT, often seen as byproduct of custom

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“Welcome to the real world”

said Morpheus to Neo when he entered The Matrix. Recognise the situation? I’m currently in the Matrix myself and just had my own piece of guerilla warfare (courtesy RvdG) in trying to get a BI-initiative in a large government organization on

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Common language, universal problems

Last week I made a reference visit to the BI & DWH-practice of a large UK government agency. It was nice and informative to exchange knowledge and experience, since I’m running a project for the same kind of agency in

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